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Natural materials, pure lines and artisanal techniques. Nestor & Rotsen combines a passion for art with craft and enthusiasm. The aim? To design and create inspiring objects & spaces that mirror the beauty of natural imperfection. Thanks to a passionate love for organic shapes, aesthetic artistry and hand-made luxury.


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Bath Sculptures

Inspired by the seamlessly made Franklin Tables from the N&R collection, ‘Kyma’ was born. With its outspoken artistic design, Nestor & Rotsen immediately shows the possibilities with it. Elegant, playful feminine forms flow naturally into more clean, masculine lines’. The association with undulating water is obvious and the texture is also reminiscent of elements from nature. In the bath sculptures, feminine, sophisticated and minimalist faucets were designed to match the bath concept and dialogue with the pedestal on which the bathtub rests.



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Organic Sprida

Personalized 'Franklin Sprida' table. Organically sculpted in one piece in our artisan 'Neststone'. Table size on this pic: 375cm x 145cm, color 'Natural White'. Project by Bernard Declerck Architects.


A blend of clays and a selection of the finest, noble aggregates. These are the basis of 'Aggil',  our new and unique coating for high-end applications such as interior objects and flat, continuous surfaces. The material comes in colors and compositions that can be largely tailored to the customer's taste. Its high degree of wear resistance, makes it perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Franklin's sleek frame blends seamlessly into an imposing one-piece table top that is manually finished and is characterized by an understated simplicity. The addition of natural materials such as marble powder, lime and earth pigments provide a soft shiny finish.  The Franklin range comes in a closed and open base version, with either oval or organic shape and in a wide array of colors. 

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Aiming for the sky, inspired by art


Business jet company Flying Group recently renewed their headquarters. In search of excellence (the company motto) our timelessly designed nestingstone table was chosen as central reception desk. Nestor&Rotsen are proud to be in the good company of inspiring conceptional art by Panamarenko and Jaak De Coninck. 



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INTIMATE KITCHEN      During the renovation of a historic mansion in the Belgian city of Ghent, a spacious top floor space was completely refurbished. The owner wanted to give the space a visibly unique twist and therefore opted for an N&R made-to-measure kitchen in a bold color palette. The handmade ceramic was combined with an interior finish in precious acacia wood and weathered copper elements that recur in the curb, sink and faucet. By using refractory ceramics, the cooking burners could be integrated directly into the kitchen countertop. 

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Nestor & Rotsen regulary collaboration with architects and interiordesigners for realization of one-off custom projects