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The story

of Nestor & Rotsen is the story of the brothers Devi and Denneb Vervaeke. Naturally predisposed for art, music and natural patterns, they grew up as children of a painter and grandchildren of a furniture maker. Three things have always been a part of them: creation, imagination and perfection. As a child, Denneb displayed these three points in his colourful and organic drawings. Devi did so in his compositions for classical piano. As he says, “My compositions from then show similarities to our objects today: a search for the right balance and harmony between contradictory ingredients.”

Schermafbeelding 2020-12-26 om 21.33.50.


Nestor & Røtsen existed, the fascination for texture, colour and natural erosion guided Devi and Denneb to
their own painting studio. With Atelier Nest, the brothers discovered the boundaries between natural phenomena and classic finishing techniques in contemporary, minimalistic and classic interiors. However, inspiration cannot be described and generalised so easily. Today the unique processes and patinas are the foundation of Nestor & Røtsen. Exclusive objects wherein natural materials and techniques are the basis for organic shapes and the perfect imperfection.


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