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Ceramic Object 

Custom made self-hanging storage unit.

Barren, colorful and unpredictable. The surprising line play and natural shine of ceramics make 'Linea' a hanging storage without previous. The 'Linea' is finished with a multitude of geometric shapes and color shades. Apparent imperfections emphasize the craft ceramics and show the hand of the maker. The handleless cabinet opens its secrets with a finger tip. 'Linea'combines artisan mastery with advanced comfort in a timeless eye-catcher.

The linea can be fully personalised 


Handmade ceramics

Inside finishing:

Veneer - Melamine - Metallic - Brass

Available sizes:

L. 74 - max. 444cm

x W. 35cm - max.50 x H. 35 - max 60cm


36 base colours


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